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What is Pirkanmaan SETA?

Pirkanmaan SETA is a regional non-governmental association advocating for equal human rights regardless of sexual orientation, genderidentity or gender expression. It is founded in 1973. Pirkanmaan SETA is one of the oldest and largest member organisations of the national Seta. Seta – LGBTI Rights in Finland – aims for a society of equality and individual welfare that includes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

For the moment the association has about 12 peer support groups for gay, bi, trans or queer youngsters, adults and elderly with their mutual or separate interests. There are also a choir, evenings for games etc. Pirkanmaan SETA organises also yearly happenings such as IDAHO (1705), Liberation days, panel discussions, queer movie festivals etc.

The association runs also a national helpline to deal with sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. You can talk about e.g. minority stress, identity or coming out process (closet anxiety), and social pressure. The service is available on Mondays and Thursdays from 7 pm. to 9 pm.  tel. 044 3002355. Contact by e-mail:

Our helpline workers Jussi Nissinen and Tommi P. Pesola are professionals specialised in sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Pirkanmaan SETA functions mainly in Finnish, but we have an international, English-speaking group called More than Rainbow, read more about the group. The Handicraft group on Saturdays (Ihan koukussa) and Game afternoons (Peli-iltapäivä) can be recommended for non-Finnish-speakers. Feel free also to join our other groups to exercise your Finnish.

Pirkanmaan SETA organises likewise legendary rainbow party Leimarit® about 8 times a year. Check our calendar to see when the next party is.

Leimarit is phenomenal in Tampere (at YO-talo, Kauppakatu 10). It has gathered rainbow people to have fun  for 25 years. Each party brings together hundreds enthusiasts to enjoy good music, clubbing and dancing.

In the early days Leimarit or Leimautumisbileet meant roughly translated “getting labeled” or coming out. These days it’s more about parting in a truly open atmosphere, but you can still get a label at the door if you want. Leimarit is a trademark.

The party is organised by volunteers of Pirkanmaan Seta and by paying the entry-fee you will the human right work of the local Seta.

Tickets: 5 euros or 3 euros for members of Pirkanmaan Seta (Local organisation for LGBTI rights) or members of other Seta’s likewise.

See you there!

For further information please contact Mikko, the part time executive director of Pirkanmaan Seta at

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